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This recording sets out to outline the process of creation. Each track represents a different aspect of this essential facet of existence.

REALIZE:An object or idea must be realized within an inner-space, such as a mind, before it can either exist, or be represented, in an outer-space, such as the spatial plane. Realization is the catalyst of creation.

FORM: For an object to exist outside of an inner-space it must take form in the manner of that which is specific to the outer-space in which it will exist. An object or idea's form distinguishes its essence from that which is near or similar to it within the outer-space.

ESSENCE: An idea or object's essence is the direct link between its existence in outer-space and its existence in inner-space. It is the aspect of the object (or idea) which is the most true to the initial realization; however, it is rarely identical to its original realized state due to the influence of the outer-space upon it. When speaking of an object or idea the subject of our discussion is, in most cases, the object or idea's essence.

EXTRACTION: Extraction is the process by which a realized idea enters an outer-space. The creator must extract the idea or object from its inner-space in order to express it in an outer-space. The product of extraction is form.

EXPRESSION: Expression is the process by which an object or idea becomes independent from its creator in an outer-space. As the creator expresses the idea or object the idea or object begins to express itself through its form. This is the final stage of creation, and the first stage of independent existence in the outer-space. The product of expression is essence.

BROADCAST: Once an object or idea exists independently of its creator in an outer-space it begins to broadcast its existence throughout that specific outer-space. At this point the object or idea can be experienced and manipulated by any observer, often leading to the synthesis of new ideas and objects. Every idea and object which exists in any outer-space, including ourselves, broadcasts itself for reception by others merely by being. Just as a star emits energy, or a rushing river emits sound, every object, subject, and idea is constantly broadcasting its own self across space and time. The probability of reception is dependent on the sensory ability of any given observer.

BEGIN: The purpose of creation is to set in motion some change in an outer-space. Upon the creation of an object or idea a chain of events occurs which may have impact on any other object or idea within that particular outer-space, as well as the inner-spaces of any observers within the outer-space. The product of creation is a beginning.


released November 13, 2010

All pieces performed, manipulated, and constructed by Luke E. Knight



all rights reserved


We Were Ravens Salt Lake City, Utah

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